Practical, compact and sturdy, Minimax machines easily work any type of wood or derived ensuring the highest quality and reliability.
Minimax offers a wide range of products designed thinking in first place to protect even inexperienced operators.

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unilev 150

Unilev 150

Wide belt sanders / Sanders

craftsmanship and custom work

Belt sander for edges extremely practical and reliable, with perfect finishing even after years of use; for craftsmen and professional workshops.

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t 45 w classic

t 45 w 4-speed tilting spindle shaper with sliding table

Classical machines / Moulder

craftsmanship and custom work

T/45 W 4-speed tilting spindle shaper with sliding table 1-phase: 4.8hp, 230v 3-phase: 4.8hp, 230v (Special Order)

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C26 Genius 10” Full Combination Machine

Classical machines / Universal combination machines

craftsmanship and custom work

Universal combined machine with all the Minimax quality at the more accessible price, ideal for the D.I.Y. woodworkers and the small joinery workshops. The most compact 4-in-1 combination machine available, the Minimax C26 Genius is ideal for the hobbyist...

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