SCM Group

The Engineering strengths

The scmgroup - delmac engineering department of the industrial division guarantees the two business units the design of systems which integrate various technologies and cutting edge plants, both for the wood sector and for complementary sectors, thanks to the use of high-tech experimentation and simulation tools.

It has process sales managers specialising in integrating industrial systems which satisfy customer process requirements.

The solutions in the wood and other materials production processes require qualified know-how.
Our expertise consists of:

  • process analysis
  • engineering
  • flexible productive systems
  • productivity assessments
  • virtual models
  • ROI (Return on Investment) analysis

Technical expertise and consulting for engineering

Customized "turnkey“ solutions
(layout, analysis, optimization) with internal and external technologies

25 engineers with high skills
in automation, logistics and software


  • Process Manager
  • Project Engineer (cad – simulation)
  • Project Manager