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Components division

The scmgroup components division was created to offer the market integrated solutions in the industrial components sector.
The division is highly skilled to designs and produce quality industrial components. It provides optimum product performance both for solutions within the Group and also and for the most prestigious industrial groups.

The Components division includes the following production facilities:

Dedicated to the production of grey, spheroidal and compacted graphite cast iron castings which are used to make various types of applications, according to specific customer needs.

Dedicated to the production of metal structural work, painting and mechanical machining operations, in particular: welded, painted and machined components, ready for insertion directly in the assembly line; mechanical parts; ground shafts.

Dedicated to the design and construction of electric and electronic equipment, able to offer solutions both in prototyping and consequent industrialisation of new products, and re-industrialisation of existing products.

Dedicated to the production of electro-spindles, boring units, robotised machining heads and worktables.