SCM Group

Mission, history and brands


Designing, producing and distributing machinery, industrial components and iron castings

Woodworking machinery and systems

Machinery and systems to process plastic materials, aluminium and composites, glass and stone

Iron castings, metal carpentry, mechanical carpentry, electric components, electro spindles


Scm produces classical machinery and soon gains world leadership

Develops first solid wood machining centers and door&window systems, where soon gains world leadership

Scm gains leadership in machinery for panel processing by acquiring first Morbidelli then many other leading companies

By acquiring Routech and by developing new technologies, Scm Group becomes leader in machinery for the wood building components


Scm Group acquires Cms, leader in technologies to process plastics, composites, glass and stone


The specialists in the wood industry

A Group of Specialists creating cutting edge technologies for furniture, housing industries and for artisans. An integrated team of experts transforming complexity into new opportunities and true innovation.